I Walked Abroad (2016) Premo & Gustavsson

I Walked Abroad (10/19/16)  Premo & Gustavsson
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Swedish nyckelharpa player Anna Gustavsson and American fiddler and banjo player Laurel Premo forged a collaboration that weaves together the driving dance-based music traditions from their home countries. With great technical skill and creative sensitivity, Premo & Gustavsson draw not only from deep roots but also their adventuresome musicality as 21st century musicians. With fiddle, claw hammer banjo, nyckelharpa, and occasional bi-lingual vocals, the new album from Premo & Gustavsson ranges from polskas and reels that one might hear floating in the air at a traditional music festival to long, haunting, cinematic-feeling meditations. The album title, “I Walked Abroad,” comes from the name of a Sacred Harp hymn featured in their collection.